Who loves you and who do you love? Your Allies of course!

Escape From Dulce Player Character Allies
Nikola Tesla's Ghost

Several dangerous and experimental technologies have been brought to Dulce Base over the years for storage and testing. After Nikola Tesla's death in 1943, the Men in Black seized all of Tesla's belongings. Among these confiscated items were the unfinished plans for a destructive 'Death Ray,' a prototype for a time warping device, and a device the size of a shoe box, which was named 'The Spirit Conductor.' After an accidental electrical discharge in the storage area on level six, the unknown device lit up and produced a ghostly likeness of the mad inventor himself. At first, the scientists thought the image was a holographic representation of Tesla, but after a lengthy conversation with the apparition, they deduced that the device was channeling the dead scientist's life essence from beyond the grave. The strange apparatus mysteriously vanished shortly after the incident and has not been seen since.

Sir Reginald the Cleaver

This subject was accidentally abducted by the Grey during a time anomaly experiment. Upon arriving at Dulce, this medieval warrior attacked and killed several of his abductors yelling...'death to the Grey Faeries who hath bewitched me!' The subject then disappeared into the lower levels. He has been encountered on numerous occasions in the lower caverns roasting lizard man mutton over a spit, as he loudly sings epic ballads of his glorious warrior exploits. He despises the Grey's for bringing him to Dulce Base, which he refers to as a magical evil dungeon. He is armed with a long sword +1 against Grey Faeries, half-plate armor, and Bracers of Bawdiness.

Mikey the Goat Boy

During a brief alliance between the aliens and the Gods of Metal, a number of experiments were conducted at Dulce involving genetics and soul regeneration. The Gods worked with the aliens to bring the souls of the most Metal back to Earth in new bodies, as they decided that the people needed Metal once again. All of the experiments were failures, except one, and it escaped. Mikey the Goatboy currently wanders the corridors of Dulce Base searching for something. He stinks to high heaven and it’s a wonder he hasn’t been captured again, as you can smell him 30 feet away. He has an affinity for beer and back patches. He remembers bits and pieces of who he once was, but remembers the music most of all. He can smell it and refuses to leave the base until he can collect the handful of Metal cassette tapes scatttered throughout the levels. Everyone knows you aren’t really living unless you’re cruising through the desert with an amazing Metal mix tape blaring through the stereo. He’s planning on stealing a sweet van once he gets to the surface and just needs some great road tunes before he heads out on an endless tour.

Kaltar the Atlantean

Not much is known about this half-humanoid - half-fish creature labeled subject #3220, except that he claims to be from the legendary Lost City of Atlantis, which supposedly sank to the bottom of the ocean some fifteen-thousand years ago. The exact coordinates of the lost city have not yet been discovered, but it is thought to be in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. The subject was found washed up on the beaches of Florida, just after a massive hurricane, and was taken into custody. He was eventually handed over to the Men in Black for further testing at Dulce Base. He originally had to be kept in a giant saltwater tank, but scientists soon discovered that Kaltar possessed non-vital air sacs, vestigial remnants of air breathing lungs. It took a simple surgery to make the air sacs viable and give subject #3220 the ability to breath oxygen. He can also consciously close these air sacs, like a human would hold their breath, and survive underwater for long periods of time. Early attempts to replicate more Atlanteans and discover the location of Atlantis have failed. Kaltar recently escaped from his holding cell and is wandering the lower portions of Dulce, perhaps living in one of the many underwater lakes located in the caverns below the base.

Maury the Mothman

The first newspaper report published by the Point Pleasant Register in West Virginia dated November 16, 1966, titled “Woman Sees Man-Sized Bird ...Red Eyed Monster ... Something Not From this World.” The national press soon picked up the reports and helped spread the story across the country. This strange subject is a winged humanoid with glowing red eyes. It is well over six feet tall with a wingspan of 10 feet and looks slightly insectoid. His body and wings are dark gray or brown and he can fly. The creature just showed up at Dulce Base a few months ago and seems to be harassing personnel for no particular reason. It has been witnessed taking selfies and is able to 'phase' through solid matter. Staring into the Mothman's eyes can cause retina discomfort and temporary blindness. Base Guards have fired at the subject on several occasions, but their weapons seemed to have no effect. Surveillance cameras have recorded this oddity, in the TV lounge on the fourth floor, watching obscure Richard Gere movies from the nineties on VHS, while eating candy-bars from the vending machine.

Adam Starblaster

A muscular, bipedal ape-like creature that stands roughly 6ft to 9ft in height. Thought to be a myth among the general scientific community, due to the lack of substantial physical and photographic evidence. The creatures have a pronounced brow ridge, a low-set forehead, and has the capability to produce an offensive smell in stressful situations. Captured from the Wilds of North America, this particular specimen has adapted to living at Dulce Base surprisingly well, until a recent incident involving two dead guards and an industrial canister of peanut butter. The subject was detained in a high security area until it's abrupt escape. It has the ability to vibrate its own hair follicles on a sub-atomic level, and can literally blur or vanish into its surroundings. This powerful beast is thought to be roaming the lower levels. Evidence suggests the creature is raiding supply and kitchen stations, due to a massive amount of empty peanut butter containers found in the ransacked areas. Proceed with caution when approaching this ferocious predator.

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