Basic Overview of Gameplay

Escape from Dulce is a collaborative, sci-fi adventure game for 2 to 6 players, ages 14 and up. ... choose your own imprisoned misfit from one of 8 hilariously bizarre characters, including a two-headed mutant cow that can strap machine guns on its back, to an alien hybrid super solider who dreams of being a normal teenager and hanging out at the 'mall.' The players must blast their way through a base full of self strategizing human and non-human enemies, as they attempt to traverse the seven nefarious levels of Dulce, along the way collecting zany items, incredible weapons and leveling up their characters, while constantly working to keep the alarm from reaching critical levels and releasing the dreaded Man in Black.


Your objectives are to find the computer terminal and portal tokens located on each level while trying to keep the alarm from reaching critical yellow, red and the dreaded black. This involves exploring the many rooms and collecting the Security Badges and Key Cards to reduce the alarm counter. If you are not able to accomplish this, bad things start to happen, things like random enemy encounters, more enemies spawning on various levels, and the terrifying Man in Black appearing and trying to eat your soul. You win the game when at least a single member reaches level seven and defeats the final Man in Black.


Each escapee (player) uses their speed rating to determine their number of actions they can spend during their turn. Actions can be moving into and out of a room, opening or unlocking a door, reorganizing your equipment, attacking enemies, collecting computer objective terminal tokens on each level to unlock the portal to the next. Searching a room for items is free, but occurs only after an encounter is resolved or dictated otherwise by the encounter card. As you gain XP you’ll unlock special skills and raise abilities.


Every-time a player enters a new room, they draw an encounter card that matches the level of that particular room. The encounter cards tells the players how many enemies appear in the room based on what the alarm level currently is, while also bringing a sense of story and strategy to game play that hearkens back to classic role-playing games. The players will encounter traps, bizarre NPC's and humorous interactions that flesh out the unique world of Escape from Dulce.


Each weapon class or psi attack in Dulce has its own set of colored dice that determines damage. Players roll a 1d6 and any number equal to, or under, their accuracy rating is a hit. A roll of 1 is always a critical hit and an extra damage die is added. At the end of combat, experience points are given to each player and can be redeemed at computer terminals to level up, increasing their health or certain stats. Players can also find clone bodies to insert in Cryo-Tubes found on each level, which can be used by the player as start over points in case a player's character dies.


Escape from Dulce also comes with eight prequel mini-scenarios that have their own objectives and take less time to play than the full game.


Below is a visual breakdown on how the character file folders work and gameplay information is tracked.

Each week we will show you visual references and get more in depth about each part of game play.

What does the game taste like? It tastes like cardboard and plastic unless you rub it in bacon and then it tastes like bacon. But we don't recommend that.

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