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Everyone has heard of Area 51 and the Roswell incident, but very few have heard of Dulce Base. Many believe it to be a joint military/alien underground facility where horrible experiments have been conducted on abducted humans and various life forms held captive there, but according to satellite imagery there is no such place located 4-5km from city of Dulce, NM. Or so they would like us to believe.

Welcome to the bizarre and top secret world of 'Escape from Dulce', Sentient Cow Games first installment in our themed anthology board game series called “Secret Unknown Stuff", where the players are taken through science fiction adventures, supernatural stories and unexplained events.


What's in the box? What does it come with? How does it work? What is it about? How does it taste?



It's no secret that there is lots of stuff to learn about the exciting world of Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce.



Coming back to Kickstarter this Fall.


Updates in 3 Pictures: Mini Sculpts

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Information for your eyes!

Follow Professor Scientist and his trusty (?) sidekick Ray in part 1 as they explain the mysteries of Dulce. Part 2 will walk you through game play, and your eventual escape! Good luck with that escape thing.

Continue on with the adventures of Professor Scientist and Ray as they show you the secrets of game play and what that "pointy thing" was all about.

Craig and Weller play through the bottom level of the base.

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