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Escape From Dulce Player Characters
The Smith Family

The Smith family were test subjects in the first of many Atomic Research Projects that originated during the Cold War Era. The unwitting family were doused with high levels of nuclear radiation while camping in Yosemite State Park. The bizarre experiment caused Pam Smith, Don Smith, Jimmy Smith, and little Suzy to be melded together into this monstrosity of quivering flesh and radioactive oozing tentacles. The test subjects somehow lived and even adapted to this new incarnation. The Smiths were taken to Dulce for further observation and were intended to be used as a weapon against the Russians, but after intense psychological testing, the Smiths were deemed to have been driven insane by their transformation. Scientists also discovered that the subjects do not age and are immune to massive amounts of radiation. The Smiths have been marked for termination and are currently under cryogenic sleep until an exact date can been determined for their proper disposal.

Hattori Hanzo

The Grey's have been abducting humans for nearly a millennia, and one of those taken was this subject, a legendary samurai and shinobi nicknamed 'The Devil's Shadow.' Hanzo is originally from the Sengoku era of 16th century Japan. He is fearless in combat and has been shown to possess nearly superhuman abilities. He was placed in an alien museum on the Grey's home planet for many years before eventually being brought to Dulce as a peace offering and to be tested on. During Hanzo's five hundred year stay in the Alpha Draconis System, he only appears to have aged five Earth years. He is a deadly swordsman. He is also capable of invisibility and better than human strength and endurance.

Dr. Donna Haskin

Dr. Haskin is a top performing engineer at the base with an I.Q. Of 170. This genius subject mastered college algebra at age 8; at age 12 set a record by becoming the youngest person to score a perfect 1,600 (800 on math, 800 on verbal) on the SAT. She graduated with honors from M.I.T's doctoral program at seventeen years old. Haskin is also an advanced black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and has competed on a professional level. The subject was recruited by the military upon graduating and placed on multiple top-secret projects, which eventually led to her being stationed at Dulce Base and acting as project leader on Project Morning Star. Dr. Haskin holds ultra top clearance on the base and single-handedly designed most of it's advanced security systems. Early on in her career, she designed a high-tech version of 'Duct Tape,' comprised of nano-woven steel fiber, which is also highly flexible and bullet proof. She is capable of making improvised armor, repairing existing armor, and knows the base inside and out. Her multiple requests to be transferred has led many of her associates to believe that she strongly disagrees with the applications of the Morning Star Program.


The only surviving alien from the 'Roswell Incident' was specimen #2212. He refers to himself as Raylock G'Ylax of the Zeta Reticuli System. The subject was the catalyst for the initial treaty between the Shadow Military and the Grey. The Zeta System is classified as a wide binary star system in the constellation of Recticulum located 36.2 light-years from Earth. Raylock was genetically-designed to carry out scientific missions and act as a guard for the Tall Greys. This specimen is the only known genetically-designed Grey to break free from the 'Hive Mind' of his larger masters. He was quarantined to the sixth floor of Dulce for in-depth testing. It is a mystery how he managed to develop a singular personality and such a bad attitude. Early into testing, he severely probed a scientist on his first day on the job and shortly after was quoted as saying, “They don't call it Nightmare Hall for nothing, pal. Welcome to Dulce.” He incessantly demands to be given pants and Montecristo # 2 cigars. The subject has also displayed amazing telekinetic and psychic abilities that far exceed the abilities of his fellow Grey clones. He was quarantined indefinitely to the Cryo-Tubes below the base, until he can be taken back to his Home world of Zeta Zeta Trax'X to be studied further.

Adam Starblaster

The first in what was supposed to be an army of hybrid super soldiers. Adam is a direct result from Project Morning Star's birthing program, but in actuality, the subject is a fourteen year old who consistently challenges authority. Adam can be hard to keep occupied on the base. He has expressed disinterest in all of the training programs and incessantly talks about wanting to live a normal life on the surface, hang at the local mall, and in his own words - cruise the food court. Adam possesses human, grey and reptilian genes, and although the union was a complete success, the recent fallout between the grey and reptoid Species has Adam caught in the middle of a potential war of factions on base. As a result of this, Adam has been placed on indefinite non-commission status. He is a trained assassin and solider, able to withstand harsh environments both terrestrial and non-terrestrial and possesses immunity to most alien psychic attacks. All recommendations are to keep Adam in suspended animation until further notice.

Snippy Von Bell

Specimen #5627 is one of many mistakes made during the hybrid experimentation portion of Project Morning Star, although the subject has showed signs of possessing a very high intellect and capable of conceptual thought. The hybridization portion of Morning Star was carried out in the farm fields across the United States, regulated by the CIA and MIB. Cows were used as incubation stations to produce a race of hybrid children. This particular specimen's parent acted differently to the procedure, it's own bovine genes somehow co-mingled with the hybrid. The result was not remotely humanoid and possessed two heads. Thought at first to be a complete failure, tests soon reveled that the subject showed the capacity to form simple words in a standard British dialect. Scientists think the specimen learned how to talk from listening to countless hours of BBC, which was emanating from a nearby TV commons room just down the hall from the testing area. Specimen #5627 was taken to Dulce for further research.

Amelia Earhart

This spirited subject was born Amelia Earhart, or ‘Lady Lindy', as she was called by the press of her day. Earhart was both an accomplished pilot and adventurer of her time. On July 2, 1937, while flying the last leg of a trek around the world, her Lockheed Electra plane mysteriously vanished over the Pacific Ocean.

She was presumed dead by the general public, but in fact was abducted by aliens and held captive on their mother ship for ten years, until she managed to escape by taking control of the saucer vessel and crash landing in the New Mexican desert with two other greys in 1947. The crash site came to be known as the 'Roswell incident.' Earhart was taken to the nearby Dulce Base and put into cryogenic sleep.

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Specialist Reb Buford was a member of an Army Reserves unit stationed in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was recently transferred to Dulce Base and made active duty. This transfer took place after the subject came into contact with a non-terrestrial technology on a routine clean up operation at the Roswell Site. Seventy years previous, soldiers from a local Air Force base recovered a saucer-shaped craft, along with three Grey Alien bodies, and the missing pilot Amelia Earhart. Specialist Buford was transferred to Dulce Base to be closely monitored without causing alarm or suspicion to his family or himself. Shortly after, the subject was involved in a fire fight on the sixth floor of the base with a group of Greys. He is currently quarantined on a sub-level, in cryogenic sleep, until further notice.

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